announcement Try our Konbu Shoyu Sashimi now!


Delivery Time

Our delivery time is base on riders availabilty in our area, we have partner up with firstlogstic to hasten this process.

Self Collection

Self collection will be at Space@Kovan #01-04, you can collect anytime from 12:00pm to 8.30pm.

What are the sizes of the order?

Hums: 450g - 2-3pax *Hums lovers can definitely finish a 450g box all by themselves! Or u can eat half today and keep the other half for tomorrow.

Live Lala: Approx. 500g, L - Approx. 900g

Live Prawn: Approx. 500g 12-15pcs

TopShell: Approx 10-12 Pcs

How long can I keep them?

(Portion out if u intend to keep them) Hum: For freshness, chill in fridge until u cannot resist. Take them out, eat them cold! (U can also warm them if u prefer to) For best taste of marinate, keep 1 overnight. Best consumed within 48hrs

Live Prawn/Lala: Can be eaten warm or chilled. To warm, drain and boil the sauce only. Pour the sauce over and let them sit in for a few mins. Best consumed within 24hrs, Eaten chilled